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This is Paphvul, dragon extraordinaire, coming to you from the 22nd century!
Neocities was gracious enough to host us in an alternate past, thus why you're reading this here!

One topic I love to write about is Earth's pre-Fusion pop-culture, particularly the strange and obscure, as looked back at through a queer, draconic lens.
As for me, IRL I'm a Flesh mage who does body mods for a living, and I like my men the way I like my steak (juicy and swimming in gravy).

But I know you're not here just to read about me, you want some content! Have a look:

Ever wanted to get into reading the Archie Sonic comics, but didn't know where to start? My Archie Sonic Reading List has you covered! In the mood for a couple of good groaners? Peruse My Dad Joke Collection! If you like weird shit you find people selling in antique stores and flea markets, look at my Flea Market Finds!

And if you wanna read more of my inane ramblings on everything from old forgotten videogames to DnD, pay a visit to my blog!

Don't forget to sign my Guestbook when you're done!