Header? But I barely even know her!

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If the lower part of your leg got turned into a penis, would you have addiction?

A man takes his two Chinese dragons to the vet. “Doctor, my dragons have been getting sick a lot, lately.
Every time I go out to take a smoke break, they start convulsing like something’s killing ‘em.”
The doc says “Well, no wonder! Don’t you know smoking’s bad for your Lungs?”

Another name for The Shape of Water: Grinding Nemo

"When my mom became a dude, he got a lot harder to see. Still getting used to having a transparent."

What Outer God do catgirls worship? Nyaalathotep.

What do you call the Ruler of Dentists? A Mawnarch.

Why wasn't the Elric of Melniboné porn parody any good? It needed Moorcock.

What kind of tool was the Arkenstone cut with? An Arkansas.