Header? But I barely even know her!

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If the lower part of your leg got turned into a penis, would you have addiction?

A man takes his two Chinese dragons to the vet. “Doctor, my dragons have been getting sick a lot, lately.
Every time I go out to take a smoke break, they start convulsing like something’s killing ‘em.”
The doc says “Well, no wonder! Don’t you know smoking’s bad for your Lungs?”

Another name for The Shape of Water: Grinding Nemo

"When my mom became a dude, he got a lot harder to see. Still getting used to having a transparent."

What Outer God do catgirls worship? Nyaalathotep.

What do you call the Ruler of Dentists? A Mawnarch.

Why wasn't the Elric of Melniboné porn parody any good? It needed Moorcock.

What kind of tool was the Arkenstone cut with? An Arkansas.

The leper colony had to cancel their hockey game because there was a face off in the corner.

That last joke really fell apart in the delivery.