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The Archie Sonic comics have a well-deserved reputation of inconsistent quality control, utterly wack continuity, and wild tonal shifts all over the place.

A lot of well-meaning fans would have you skip to the point where Ian Flynn started writing for the book, but while it’s true that the writing quality ramped up significantly once they put him in charge, there are years’ worth of really good stories a would-be reader would miss out on.

Thus, I saw fit to give the pre-Flynn issues a good once-over and sort through which ones I recommend reading.

Green is a hearty recommendation. yellow is optional but worth it for curiosity and continuity's sake, and red is a hard skip.

Purple is where things get funky: some of these are just so insane that they have to be seen to be believed! If you’re the type who enjoys reading bad fanfiction for giggles, these are ones you should give a try.

Credit goes to Bobby’s post here for inspiring me to do this. Also, any “content creators” looking to make a quick buck by copying this list for a Top 10 whatsit, kindly go rot in Hell.

(And before anyone asks, yes, I know now that there's a much shorter Essential Reading list on Bobby's blog, but I didn't know that when I started this. At least you could say mine's more thorough with what you might or might not find interesting to read. That's how I'll be sleeping at night, anyway.)

And that's all, folks! From here, you can safely skip to #160, where Ian took over!

One last thing before I end this page. Seeing as Archie's old continuity got brough to an abrupt end via reboot, you're probably wondering why you should even get invested at all. Well, thankfully there's Archie Sonic Online an excellent fan continuation of that continuity online, so if you wanted to see more of the old gang, here you go.
With all that said, thank you everyone for reading this list. Hope you enjoy reading through these. ^,=,^